Digital Marketing and e-commerce

Strategic and operational, for medium and large business we provide our customer with a large choice of solutions and technologies for targeting a new markets and increasing the revenue.

Web and mobile development

Maxwell's core division creates innovative web and mobile user experiences. Our applications are scalable and optimised for better perfomance . Our software developers always satisfy client's expectations

Big data and Business Intelligence

Data governance, Data Storage, Business Intelligence, Data visualisation. We know how to create the competitive advantages by unleashing the power of signals hidden in massive amounts of data.

Web and Customer Analytics

Maxwell analytics consultants help advertisers to leverage their data and better analyse and understand the impact of their campaigns. Data mining and data science experts focus on improving customer knowledge to adopt a smart marketing approach.

We are the consulting/development company that uses the power of engineering for business.
Our goal is a digital disruption.
Our mission is to transform industries by automation and innovative approach.

Why Choose Maxwell

Our intelligent approach

Every business is unique, we understand this and customize the project workflow for each customer. We think about all aspects before starting the project. Our managers effectively manage the risks that are hidden at any project and transparently lead the customer through the most challenging parts . Technical experts have the great experience of implementing the projects in telecom, e-commerce, bank and insurance areas and will guaranty the success.

Robust partnership

We work with diverse clients across the globe in different sectors of economy. We understand the importance of partherships and ready open for the new opportunities

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a part of our philosophy. We always ask the right question and try to go as deep as possible to find the right answer.